Posted by: Robin S. | December 2, 2011

White Horse

An interesting things happened to Mike and I the other day. We went to see his grandma and drop off her AVON order and while were were on our way back to the interstate, a beautiful while horse walked across the highway. Just walked.

There were no other cars around, no one else, It wasn’t saddled. It just walked toward the old Catholic Church where Mike’s mom and her family grew up. We pulled up along side it and it turned back to us and started walking toward the car. We pulled into the parking lot of the church but the horse kept on walking in the other direction away from us and back across the highway–still not a single passing car or truck–and disappeared into the woods. We couldn’t see it anymore.

It was just such a strange and beautiful encounter and it got me to think about the types of animals we encounter on a daily basis and what messages they bring to us. Any time a particular animal strikes you as being out of place, or wants to get your attention (I have a funny story about squirrels and acorns), there might be a message they are trying to pass along to you.

Think about it. Look up meanings for that animal. Do those meanings or symbols in any way apply to you life? Could you use the lessons from that animal in your daily activities? You never know what animals could be trying to tell you.

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