Posted by: Robin S. | November 29, 2011

Meditation as Therapy

So many times we say meditation is therapy, but what does that really mean? How do we quantify the feelings we get after a good, deep, cleansing meditation? Can we? How would we begin to explain those to a therapist?

A psychologist once told me that any person who denies the faith of their parents is doomed to rebel for the rest of their lives. What then, does this mean in regards to adding simple meditations to religious practices? It is my belief that even the simplest prayer is a form of meditation. You pray for solace, for help, for comfort and you seek those same things and more in meditation.

In meditation, we seek peace, comfort, guidance and, depending on our specific needs, sometimes we seek more than that. We meditate prior to and after ritual workings, in the morning before school or work, at night before going to sleep…We meditate for multiple reasons and this helps us to be calmer, more relaxed and ready to deal with more of life’s issues than some of our peers. Meditation is our therapy. It is our way of seeing and dealing with the world around us.

It’s just an interesting thought to me, especially after the year I’ve had to think in terms of meditation as therapy. I’m calmer. Relaxed. Not on medication and don’t have to wait for an appointment to get my feelings in order. It’s not for everyone. Yes, there are some people out there who seriously do need help, but there are many who spend money going to therapy just to talk about today’s “trauma” and would be much better off with a simple ten minute meditation, don’t you think?


  1. I agree! I love meditation. I have been struggling with making it a regular part of my daily life. I have found so many great things through my meditations, and yet I still don’t always put aside the time to devote to myself. I don’t meditate regularly for many of the same reasons I don’t work out regularly. There is an organizational component to incorporating these things into life that I just haven’t mastered yet. But I’m trying and enjoying the journey!

    It’s truly amazing how life, the universe, god, the goddess, bring you exactly what you need when you need it…I have been thinking about meditation a lot lately and this little note has helped to remind me of that!


    • Meditation is important. Sometimes, I think we forget how important it may be in our lives and the impact it can have on everyday occurrences. Walk in peace and the blessings of the Lady and Lord, my friend.


  2. I found specifically what I became wanted, and it ended up being pleasurable!

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