Posted by: Robin S. | August 8, 2010

Wolves at the Grocery Store

M and I went out for a late night shopping trip and drive last night. It was nice. A peaceful and somewhat cooler night than those we’ve had recently in this part of the country.

We picked up the few items were needed at the store and saw an interesting sight in the parking lot. A few parking spaces away stood a beautiful black wolf, almost fully grown. He was scavenging for food amongst the trash and fast food wrappers tossed out by other customers. He looked right at us, watching us for a few seconds before he picked up his findings in his mouth and walked over to another pile of trash.

We pulled out of our parking space and came across him again as he ran in front of our car. He stopped and looked at us for a few minutes, tail up before he bounded off across the parking lot. It was truly a rare sight to see a wolf in the normally busy parking lot and so far from the woods.

So what do wolves mean? Guardianship, loyalty, finding your path. Wolves are protective and show us the right way to move forward with our lives. Wolves are also companions of my patroness, Hekate. Interesting that the night was so dark and we see a black wolf in a darkened parking lot when Her cycle of power is during moon dark.

I don’t yet know what the wolf meant for us. Time will tell.

Follow the wolf. May he lead you to greatness and peace.

Blessings and abundance,

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