Posted by: Robin S. | July 22, 2010

Fool’s Journey

One of my more random ideas recently has proven to be an interestingly daunting task, but I think well worth the extra effort involved. I am currently in the planning stages of a series of 22 “stories” following the path of the Fool on her/his journey through the Major Arcana. There are a few of this stories around, but all that I have found only deal with one aspect of each of the cards involved and don’t really develop (in most cases) the persons or the situations involved.

My proposed story will use two “Fools” who will, at various times, be following either upright or reversed meaning of that particular card for the chapter. So far, it’s proving daunting, but I’m really liking the depth of the card meanings that come up with this type of project.

So, this will be my project over the next few weeks. I’m hoping that it won’t take me that long to get it all plotted out and started, but you never know. I’m planning on the first installments to be up on Pagan Writer’s Community before the end of next month. We’ll see.


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