Posted by: Robin S. | December 2, 2011

White Horse

An interesting things happened to Mike and I the other day. We went to see his grandma and drop off her AVON order and while were were on our way back to the interstate, a beautiful while horse walked across the highway. Just walked.

There were no other cars around, no one else, It wasn’t saddled. It just walked toward the old Catholic Church where Mike’s mom and her family grew up. We pulled up along side it and it turned back to us and started walking toward the car. We pulled into the parking lot of the church but the horse kept on walking in the other direction away from us and back across the highway–still not a single passing car or truck–and disappeared into the woods. We couldn’t see it anymore.

It was just such a strange and beautiful encounter and it got me to think about the types of animals we encounter on a daily basis and what messages they bring to us. Any time a particular animal strikes you as being out of place, or wants to get your attention (I have a funny story about squirrels and acorns), there might be a message they are trying to pass along to you.

Think about it. Look up meanings for that animal. Do those meanings or symbols in any way apply to you life? Could you use the lessons from that animal in your daily activities? You never know what animals could be trying to tell you.

Posted by: Robin S. | November 29, 2011

Meditation as Therapy

So many times we say meditation is therapy, but what does that really mean? How do we quantify the feelings we get after a good, deep, cleansing meditation? Can we? How would we begin to explain those to a therapist?

A psychologist once told me that any person who denies the faith of their parents is doomed to rebel for the rest of their lives. What then, does this mean in regards to adding simple meditations to religious practices? It is my belief that even the simplest prayer is a form of meditation. You pray for solace, for help, for comfort and you seek those same things and more in meditation.

In meditation, we seek peace, comfort, guidance and, depending on our specific needs, sometimes we seek more than that. We meditate prior to and after ritual workings, in the morning before school or work, at night before going to sleep…We meditate for multiple reasons and this helps us to be calmer, more relaxed and ready to deal with more of life’s issues than some of our peers. Meditation is our therapy. It is our way of seeing and dealing with the world around us.

It’s just an interesting thought to me, especially after the year I’ve had to think in terms of meditation as therapy. I’m calmer. Relaxed. Not on medication and don’t have to wait for an appointment to get my feelings in order. It’s not for everyone. Yes, there are some people out there who seriously do need help, but there are many who spend money going to therapy just to talk about today’s “trauma” and would be much better off with a simple ten minute meditation, don’t you think?

Posted by: Robin S. | August 15, 2010

The Scent of Sweetgrass

I recently ordered two nice and long braids of sweetgrass. I just love the scent of this fresh herb, whether burning, boiling, or just sitting on my altar.

Today I’m going to share with you a little trick I figured out last summer as an easy way to smudge your home (while cleaning) with minimal fuss. I take a small cooking pot and cover the bottom with fresh or dried herbs. Primarily, I use sweetgrass, but you can use just about anything. Make sure you break the herb or do whatever you have to do to bet the scent to come out freely.

Fill the pot with water and set on you stove. Put on medium heat until the water boil and then lower heat so that the water simmers. Keep the pot filled and you can burn this for a couple of weeks before you have to replace the herbs. Store in an airtight container when not in the stove.

I like this method because the scent permeates through the home when there’s airflow. When I’m cleaning with the doors and windows open, I put on a pot so the smell cleanses and charges my home as I work. It’s very relaxing and very easy.


Posted by: Robin S. | August 10, 2010

Finding the Time

In our busy lives it is often hard to find the time to be spiritual in any way. I understand this. When I was a student with papers and novels to read on a weekly basis, the thought of doing a long drawn out ritual just exhausted me more. I didn’t have the time or the energy to let spiritualism compete with my schoolwork.

Now that I’m out of school and have extra time, I still have trouble finding the time to do anything spiritual. If I’m not traveling , I’m working on my writing or keeping up the house or looking for a job or any one of a hundred things. Finding the time is hard and I can’t blame anyone for not being able to find the time to do a ritual. I understand all too well.

The important thing to remember when this happens is that we still need a connection to deity. Find something, anything to do that takes only a minute but still connects you to Spirit each day. It doesn’t have to be big, just something small that means something to you. That’s all that matters.


Posted by: Robin S. | August 8, 2010

Wolves at the Grocery Store

M and I went out for a late night shopping trip and drive last night. It was nice. A peaceful and somewhat cooler night than those we’ve had recently in this part of the country.

We picked up the few items were needed at the store and saw an interesting sight in the parking lot. A few parking spaces away stood a beautiful black wolf, almost fully grown. He was scavenging for food amongst the trash and fast food wrappers tossed out by other customers. He looked right at us, watching us for a few seconds before he picked up his findings in his mouth and walked over to another pile of trash.

We pulled out of our parking space and came across him again as he ran in front of our car. He stopped and looked at us for a few minutes, tail up before he bounded off across the parking lot. It was truly a rare sight to see a wolf in the normally busy parking lot and so far from the woods.

So what do wolves mean? Guardianship, loyalty, finding your path. Wolves are protective and show us the right way to move forward with our lives. Wolves are also companions of my patroness, Hekate. Interesting that the night was so dark and we see a black wolf in a darkened parking lot when Her cycle of power is during moon dark.

I don’t yet know what the wolf meant for us. Time will tell.

Follow the wolf. May he lead you to greatness and peace.

Blessings and abundance,

Posted by: Robin S. | August 6, 2010

Quick, Permanent Indoor Nature Representations

In Louisiana with the temperatures reaching over 100 degrees on a daily basis, it is quite a daunting task to consider taking Pagan practices outdoors. As Pagans, many of us feel a direct connection and need to be in the presence of Mother Nature and when the weather is bad this is uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst.

My suggestion? Bring Nature indoors. Many of us have representations of nature on our altars which is perfectly fine as well, but that doesn’t work for me. I have a very small altar space and it gets taken up by deity representations so my representation of nature is on the walls.

What do I have? Pictures. I have literally hundreds of pictures of trees, clouds, storms, etc. I took several of my favorite pictures in each category and made a collage out of them that I printed up at Wal*Mart.

With the new 8x10s, I have several year-round representations of nature that I can tape to the wall. I change these out as the seasons change and no matter what the weather is outside, my altar is set up for recognition of the world around us.


Posted by: Robin S. | July 22, 2010

Fool’s Journey

One of my more random ideas recently has proven to be an interestingly daunting task, but I think well worth the extra effort involved. I am currently in the planning stages of a series of 22 “stories” following the path of the Fool on her/his journey through the Major Arcana. There are a few of this stories around, but all that I have found only deal with one aspect of each of the cards involved and don’t really develop (in most cases) the persons or the situations involved.

My proposed story will use two “Fools” who will, at various times, be following either upright or reversed meaning of that particular card for the chapter. So far, it’s proving daunting, but I’m really liking the depth of the card meanings that come up with this type of project.

So, this will be my project over the next few weeks. I’m hoping that it won’t take me that long to get it all plotted out and started, but you never know. I’m planning on the first installments to be up on Pagan Writer’s Community before the end of next month. We’ll see.


Posted by: Robin S. | July 10, 2010

Tarot 101 Articles and More

I’m currently writing a series of Tarot 101 articles on Pagan Writers Community. It you’re interested visit PWC for more information and access to the articles. Currently posted is an article about choosing your own deck and next week will see an article about storage options for Tarot and Oracle decks.

Other than working on these articles, I’ve been crafting a few other articles for PWC. I’ll have an article on the crystal citrine for next week. Hopefully, next week will also see the start of my new Kitchen Witchery column. Still coming up with ideas for that one. Hopefully I’ll come up with enough to write every week. We’ll see.

Posted by: Robin S. | July 4, 2010

Back to the Beginning

I’ve been Pagan for seven years, but I have studied religion for nearly fifteen. I grew up with a healthy respect for religious practices that I instilled on myself because no one in my family was religious or spiritual. With a lack of familial background and support, I floated along in my spirituality for years, wandering and wondering what the right path was.When I finally admitted to myself that I was a Witch (my stages of denial and hiding are another story entirely) I felt a freedom I have never before known.

Many things have happened in the years since that point. I’ve studied and committed myself to numerous pantheons and Goddesses. I’ve gone down a darker path and come back into the light and now I have found my balance between the two. (For one cannot exist without the other.)

Now that I have found this balance, I have come to the conclusion that I should go back to the beginnings. From this point forward, I am going to go back to the earliest teachings I have an reexamine them in light of my years of study and research. I will be rereading all of my books, studying them and looking at things that I may have ignored before. There is importance in this. Going back to the start of your religious education forces you to be humble. Yes, I have learned a lot of things, but for what I have learned, I have also forgotten things that I didn’t think were important.

It is going to be a long process and will affect multiple aspects of my life, but I am willing, humble, and open to the Goddess and the changes that she will bring to my life and practice because of this.


Posted by: Robin S. | June 25, 2010

Getting it going…

Evening, all. Getting this one up and going. This blog will soon be home to all of my Witchy, crafty, and writing musings. I’m hoping you take something from here that may be useful or enlightening. Otherwise, enjoy!